Trust In The Lord


John 5:15 I am the vine, and you are the branches. If a person remains in me and I remain in him, then he produces much fruit. But without me he can do nothing.



When we have the Lord in our heart we can do all things in him. But before we can get there, we must learn to trust in him at all times, no matter what our situation looks like.Because if we do not trust in him,we cannot do anything and to do all things with the Lord begins with trusting in him.







Twelve Isrealite men were sent out to go explore the land of Canaan because this was the land that the Lord was going to give them. But when they went out to explore it, they notice the land was good for growing crops but they were afraid of the people that occupied the land. When they returned back to their territory, they gave a fasle report. They told the people that giants occupied the land,how strong the people were and how bad the soil was.This report made evryone afraid. Because they did not trust in God, they could not enter the land that was promised to them. Numbers 13:21






Proverbs 3:5 Trust the Lord with all your heart. Don’t depend on your own understanding.

No matter how much you know, you should never trust in what you think is right or what other people think or material things to help you in life. Depending on yourself or others or the things that we have can take us in the wrong direction.



Namaan was a military commander who had leprosy. Naaman wanted to be healed so he went to the prophet Elisha. So Elisha sent a messenger out to give Namaan instructions from the Lord on what to do. Namaan was instructed to dip in the Jordan River seven times but Namaan thought that was ridiculous. He was expecting Prophet Elisha to call out to God or wave his hand over him. But Naaman did as he was told and on the seventh dipped, he was healed.2 Kings 5


If Naaman had never trusted in the Lord's word, he would not have been healed.



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