Draw near to God


James 4:8 Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you.


Drawing near to God allows him to draw near to you. The more you draw near to him, the better your relationship will be with him. When you begin to draw near to God, you begin to open up your heart to him. Opening up your heart to God allows him to direct your ways in life. He directs our lives by teaching us his righteous ways, showing us the way to go in life, and building us up to trust in him.


Psalms 145:18 (ICB)

The Lord is close to everyone who prays to him,
    to all who truly pray to him.


When you pray to the Lord and open up your heart to him, he begins to draw near to you. He will always be here for you and will never leave your side.


Drawing near to God is easy and fun to do. Listed below are ways that you can draw near to God.

How To Draw Near To  God:

  • Placing God First In Your Life  

  • Prayer

  • Spending Time With God

  • Reading the Bible

  • Worshipping

  • Praising

  • Seeking His Advice


Not drawing near to God limits you from getting to know who he is, and the love he has for you. The enemy does not want you to draw near to the Lord, so he will try to stop you by making you think that prayer or reading the bible is boring because when you do begin to draw near to God, the Power of God begins to work in your life, you'll begin to live a righteous life and you'll discover the love that God has for you. 


God loves you and wants to have a great and loving relationship with you. SO from this day out, begin to draw near to God, so that he can draw near to you.