The Great Seperation

There comes a time when the Lord causes a great separation in your life. Sometimes, unbeknownst to you, you may notice people withdrawing themselves from you. But the Lord is separating you from those that we continue to try to hold on to while all along the Lord is trying to  take them out of your life, Maybe for a season or a lifetime. But during this separation, the Lord is working on you, healing you and preparing you to where he wants to take you. And the people that you're so badly trying to hold on to cannot enter  into the season that God has specifically prepared for you. We have to learn how to let go of some people being that when God has called you, he wants  those distractions deleted from your life. Because all they are is distractions that are distracting you from your relationship with the Lord, his word, and your purpose. But sometimes God will use those distractions as stepping stones to build you and move you into your purpose.  During this great separation, you must understand that everyone may not agree with you or they may even come against you, but know that it is God who is calling you to higher places and when it is time for you to let go, we have to let go so that we can journey further into our destiny.