Sometimes you may seek god to bring a change in your life but  what are you willing to give up? Every time God advances you to a new level such as a promotion, success, or spiritual growth for example, it is going to cost you. The things that will cost you are the things that may hold you back from where God wants you to be.  Those things can be old habits, friends, time, relationships, a job or something else that you may value more than God. 


Although you seek change in your life, on the job,etc., The problem may be  that some of the things that the lord wants you to let go has become your comfort zone, and when God is trying to move you forward, you are scared to move forward because you don't know what the unexpected may bring, you may lack trust in him, or you may like where you are. Sometimes God may have to work through you such as renewing your mind, to get you where you need to be. Letting go can be costly and hard, but always remember once you let go of the thing that can be holding you back, big or small, god will always have greater for you. You just have to believe!




               The Cost