Suicidal Thoughts

Life can cause you to be overwhelmed at times when it comes to dealing with the burdens of this world. It can leave you in a deep state of depression and makes you feel as if you no longer can bare the weight of your problems, hope is gone, and the only thing left to do is just live in it.  When you are in a deep depression, mentally you may feel as you no longer exist to anyone, and you'll begin to allow those suicidal thoughts to enter into your mind that will drive you into a dark place where you begin to feel lonely.  You will begin to believe that no one knows how you feel, and everything will be okay if you can just end it here. But Jesus knows every hurt, and every pain that you went through and going through. But to fight these suicidal thoughts, you must fight them by calling on Jesus and praying to him to set you free from those thoughts. Get to know the person that God has created you to be. Discover the hidden treasures that the Lord has placed in you. Don't allow your thoughts to take your presence away from the people that love you. Don't allow those thoughts to overwelm you because you are more than who you say you are. Don't allow your problems to have the victory over your life and don't let a temporary moment decide your future because these moments don't last forever.