Say No to Sin

Sin is a huge problem in our world. Sin enters into our lives when we become disobedient to God commands. For God to forgive us of our sins is to repent to God. 


Sin first entered the world through Adam and Eve. God specifically instructed Adam and Eve not to eat the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. But a sneaky snake came along and tricked Eve into eating from the tree of knowledge. The snake told Eve that if she was to eat from the tree of knowledge, she will be like God. Wanting to have as much knowledge as God, Eve took a bite of the fruit from the forbidden tree. She also offered some to Adam, and once he took a bite, SIN entered into their lives and into the world. This disobedience allowed Satan to gain control over the earth and to try to deceive every single person in the world to sin against God.


Because of the sin in the world, God had to send Jesus from heaven to earth to be crucified on the cross so that we can be forgiven and enter into eternal heaven with the Father. Once we repent of our sins, we are now forgiven by God. But one important thing we must remember is that when you repent, you must not turn back to being sinful.


What is Repentance? Repentance is to feel sorry about being disobedient and to turn away from your disobedience


How to Repent? Repent by telling God you're sorry for being disobedient and no longer continuing in your disobedience.


Sin does not only external sins include (stealing, lying,etc., )but it also deals with our heart, for instance, some people may have hatred in their hearts or they could be just mean to others for no reason.


But it is good to know that we are not on our own when it comes to dealing with our sins because the Lord says,

"With every temptation that comes  god gives us a way out." So this means that when we feel like we are about to sin, the easiest thing to do is to pray and walk away from it.


                             1 Corinthians 10:13

The only temptations that you have are the temptations that all people have. But you can trust God. He will not let you be tempted more than you can stand. But when you are tempted, God will also give you a way to escape that temptation. Then you will be able to stand it.



When you see sin coming your way, remember to always say NO.

James 4:7 So give yourselves to God. Stand against the devil, and the devil will run away from you.