Process of Parenting

When it comes to parenting, there's no actual correct way of doing it, you just do it. Parenting is a process, a transition that we encounter as a mother or father from taking care of ourselves to taking care of someone that depends on us daily. This process that we begin is a journey that will go on for the rest of our lives even when our child enters into adulthood.

Once we become a parent, we unleash a natural ability that God has placed within us to tend to our child's needs, guide him, protect him, teach him and to love him unconditionally. But we can never become that perfect parent because we will always make mistakes and are constantly learning just as our child is learning. This process of learning brings changes and new developments as you and your child grow together. For instance, learning what your child needs at the age of 5  and learning it all again at 7. Learning ways to communicate with your child at the age of 2, and learning it all over again at the age of 13. This process is an ongoing cycle that will never end. So embrace the process and discover the endless treasures of parenting.