What is Prayer? Prayer is communication between you and God. 

Why do we need to Pray? Prayer is important and when we pray, the Lord protects us, guides us and will do amazing things in your life.

Without prayer, we become vulnerable for the devil to try to make bad things happen in our life. For instance, to take our joy and our peace away.

How do I pray? You start off by giving thanks to the Lord and pray by telling the Lord what's on your heart. Ask for protection and guidance. Pray for others, your family, friends and even those that mistreat you because God loves them too. Also when you pray, be sure to ask the Lord to forgive you if you are angry with anyone, that way the Lord can forgive you. "When you are praying, and you remember that you are angry with another person about something, then forgive him. If you do this, then your Father in heaven will also forgive your sins.” 26 [But if you don’t forgive other people, then your Father in heaven will not forgive your sins.] Mark 11:25

But when we do pray, you should not repeat yourself over and over. The Bible says, "And when you pray, don’t be like those people who don’t know God. They continue saying things that mean nothing. They think that God will hear them because of the many things they say. 8 Don’t be like them. Your Father knows the things you need before you ask him." (Matthew 6:7-8)

Prayer is great for us and we should never neglect it. We should pray as often as we can. Also when you pray, believe that you will receive what you prayed for. The Bible says, "So I tell you to ask for things in prayer. And if you believe that you have received those things, then they will be yours." (Mark 11:24)

  • Prayer helps build a relationship with God

  • Prayer should be apart of our daily lives