Plant Your Seed

When the Lord created you, he did not place you in your mother's womb empty. His purpose for your life was placed in you. The Lord has also placed many seeds in your heart, a seed of ministry, a writer, a business, or a counselor and many more.  But it is up to you to discover what seeds you have by seeking the Lord. When people do discover their seeds, some uproot them, and some don't even water them. And those seeds that do not bring forth a harvest is because God wants to uproot the thorns from their spiritual garden before he allows their seed to grow. The thorns of the enemy's attributes (anger, unforgiveness,etc.,) that has settled in your heart can hinder the manifestation of your seed if you are not careful.  Also, people will try to talk you out of planting your seed because they do not see your  God-given vision. These distractions are only set up to stop you from producing the seed that the Lord has placed in your heart. But whatever seed you plant, make sure you water it by seeking the Lord and trusting in him. He'll guide you on how to nurture your seed and your spiritual garden so he can bring forth your harvest.