Old Things Awaken

It is time to awaken those things that were once sleeping,those things that you once had a passion for. Now it is not the time to let those things lie dormant in the dark going to waste. No matter your age, it  is never too late to get your  passion back for the things that you once love doing the most even if you don't know what type of gifts or talents you possess.Now it is the time to bring your passion back to life by asking Jesus to ignite those passions that are within you. Those gift and talents that you once loved doing  was not just for you to enjoy but for others to enjoy as well. God loves it when you operate in the gifts and  talents that he has placed within you.  You were designed to do what your passionate about for his glory. Your gifts and talents could be the things that will drive you to your purpose, drive you to your business, your success  or your destiny. Do not allow others  or your circumstances to frustrate you out of your passion. Did you know that some of your talents and gifts can be used to help others? Your talents and gifts can be what others enjoy seeing you do, rather it's painting, singing, writing books, etc. Whatever your passion is, believe that it is a gift from God and you were created to do it . So let Jesus ignite your fire once again and bring back what you once loved.