Life can become very overwhelming when you license your emotions to compile together and form a pyramid of frustration. So what is emotion and how can we enlighten ourselves on managing our emotions. Oxford defines emotion as a natural instinctive state of mind deriving from one's circumstances, mood or relationship with others.  Emotions are an intangible attribute that can't be controlled by physical touch but only by the management of one's conscience of thoughts.  Trying to manage more than one emotion at a time can become very difficult.  


        For example, your having relationship problems (love) (anger) and simultaneously you are confronted with a financial burden that has placed a restriction on future endeavors you had a plan for (stress)(sadness).  Instead of dealing with the problem that has the least resistance to manage, you try to fix them all at once.  You abanded the logics of self-managing your thought process and you step into the reality of discomfort.  No one likes to be in a position of discomfort (not being able to control your situation and not knowing what lies ahead in your future).  This atmosphere is conducive to bring about depression, anxiety, and stress.  In order to avoid yourself from coming into this state of mind, here is a list of remedies to shed light on your dilemma.


1.  Fix one problem at a time and not trying to manage them all at once.


2.  Control the problem and don't allow the problem to control you.


3.  Have a positive outlook on all situations.


4.  Create an atmosphere that promotes peace.  Develop hobbies such as the gym, sports, art, craft, etc.


5.  Don't let your mind to become dormant and idle.