God's Love

Love doesn't pick and choose whom to love, but it embraces all. Love displays itself in so many ways that no one may never understand. Pure love flows from only one source, God, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit and pours out into the hearts of other people. This love is not to be placed on a bookshelf to be pulled out only when needed but to be given out to others for all the days of our lives, no matter the storm that we may be facing. Love is not difficult, it's not even challenging. It's just one of the enemy's tactics to stop the flow of God's love flowing from our heart to others. When we operate in God's love, the atmosphere changes and the movement of God begins to take place, not just with us but those who are around us. We operate in God's love by encouraging others, being kind, showing compassion, being patient and so much more. We should always love each other just as the Lord loves us.