Love is Patient

Sometimes it can be difficult to understand someone rather it's a friend, spouse or family member. Trying to understand that person on your own can cause you to be overwhelmed, frustrated and wanting to give up on them. But that is why the Lord says "Love is patient,"  (​1 Corinthians 13:4).Love waits on the individual to overcome the obstacles that they are facing in their life because love knows that the person will grow into that Godly man or Godly woman that they were called to be. See just as the Lord has been guiding you on your journey, He is also guiding that person on theirs. Change is a process and you must understand that your loved one cannot change overnight. Sometimes you may get caught up in what they are not doing instead of encouraging them for the changes that they're making in their life. But with your patience, prayer, and endurance, you'll notice the wonderful changes that the Lord is doing in their life.