Lead By Example

Believe it or not, your child watches every move you make. So as parents , we must be on our best behavior because when you think no one is listening in on your conversation, they are and when you feel that no one is paying attention to you, they are.Every step that we make or conversation that we have, we should really be careful especially if we want our children  to do what is right.  In that case, we must set the standards for them on how they should conduct their-selves when in public and not in public. It all starts with us, the way we talk, the way we act,  what we listen to and what we watch on television.  Children catch on very fast and are even quick to imitate what they see.  So anything that we do not want our child doing, we must discipline ourselves to refrain from old habits, and old ways if we are going to lead by example. As a parent, we are preparing our children for the world and teaching them how to be a young man or a young woman. As your child grows, they will know how to be presentable, and respectable to others and their-self because you taught them well.