Inviting others into your marriage can be very toxic  without you realizing it. Although it may seem harmless to you  because you are seeking advice or maybe need to vent, it may seem  serious or concerning to the individual you are speaking to. Before you allow anyone in your marriage, you should always check the type of fruit that they're producing in their own marriage and in their own life. Not every advice is good advice and not everyone is for your marriage or for your spouse. If you are not careful, you can easily be influenced by the advice you get. The advice can be so strongly influential that you may begin to look at your spouse in a whole different way such as looking at what your spouse is not doing instead of seeing the good that they are doing.  Sometimes you may just have to tell your spouse how you feel so that you two can work on the problem together because inviting others into your marriage can be damaging.

Marriage is a beautiful thing that comes with its ups and downs. But those downs are what could build your marriage into something greater and for plenty of more ups. Never allow your marriage to be dismantle by someone else's opinion

The Invite