Don't be imprisoned by your past mistakes. Your past should not keep you in bondage from complete healing, complete deliverance or from making you whole in Christ. Your past was never meant to destroy you but to build you. It's wasn't meant to weaken you but to strengthen you. The adversary may make you feel as if you're being punished for the things you've done because nothing seems to be going well for you. But know that there is a GOD that is bigger than your past mistakes, and know that there is a redeemer that died  to free you from your past . God is bigger than it all. The Lord used your past to build you into the person you are now, a walking testimony. Don't be deceived by the enemy's lies about what you've done in your past that God cannot use you and bless you abundantly.  When you begin to believe the lies of the enemy, you'll start thinking you'll never be healed, never be married or productive in life. But understand that what the Lord has for you is for you, and all you have to do is seek Him, and trust in his word. What the devil has planned for destruction in your life, the Lord turned it around for the good because now He is using your past as a testimony through you to help strengthen others that are going through those same battles as you once did. So uncuff your shackles to your thoughts of being punished for your past. Because as long as you are chained to them, the devil has you where he wants you; at a standstill and not allowing you to move forward into the life God has prepared for you.