God's Calling You

I'm calling on you! Can you hear the sounds of heaven singing in your ear, can you feel my love tugging at your heart? I'm calling on you, for such a time as this to step into what I have for you, but you're running. What causes you to run from the purpose I have placed in you, what causes you to run from the love that I have for you? Is it the world that is holding you back, is it the lifestyle you have? What are you holding on to? Things that moths eat, things that turn to rust or is it the things that fade away?

See I'm calling on you to fulfill the purpose that I have for you. My love for you is deeper than you can understand and to prove it, just ask my son Jesus, the one who laid down his life for you so that you can have eternity.Don't you get it? My love for you will never end, from your bad days to your good days. So I'll never stop chasing you. I created you. Don't you know that I gave you the rhythm to your heart beat, the breath to your life? I'm calling on you to a higher place. Will you accept my calling?