Following Jesus


Following Jesus means to follow his commands and not to be like other people who disobey the Lord. When we follow Jesus, we are in obedience and we are letting the Lord know that we love him. 

John 14:5 "If you love me, you will do the things I command."

Also when we begin to follow the Lord, we must separate from our old ways such as our bad habits, bad thoughts and bad sayings. Those things are not of the Lord so we must completely seperate ourselves from them.

What does the Lord command of us:

  1. Love God more than anything else

  2. Always put God first before anything

  3. Always respect and HOnor God's name

  4. Keep the Lord's day HOly

  5. Always honor your parents

  6. You should not commit murder

  7. You should not cheat on your spouse

  8. YOu should not take what doesn't belong to you

  9. YOu should not lie

  10. YOu should not be jealous of other people stuff.


If we do not follow the Lord's command then we are being disobedient to him. The Lord wants us to  be obedient and live righteoous. That is why he gave us a guideline, the ten commandments.