Managing Time

The adversary wants to keep you frustrated by keeping you busy. It seems as if you have so much to do in a little amount of time especially when you have important responsibilities to manage. Sometimes when you become too busy you get overwhelmed with life, which then leads to frustration and now you are no longer resting in the Lord's perfect peace. In life, you have to learn how to pace yourself, and manage time and not allow time to manage you. When you manage time, things seem to go a lot better,and your're at peace but when you allow yourself to be controlled by time, things get hectic, and we become frustrated and irritated because we may not be able to meet all of our requirements at a certain time.So begin your day with patience, and  take your time on things and do not allow yourself to rush the moment because you may miss something important. Besides what does not get accomplish today can always be achieved tomorrow.

    Ways to Manage Your Time:

  • Prepare a daily to-do list

  • Do not procrasinate

  • Start off by doing the important things first