Distractions in our lives come and go and it seems as if we get rid of one distraction another one comes. But it's up to you decide how you are going to handle that distraction. Distractions are design to keep us from reaching our goals or even our destiny in life. As long as we are bound by these distractions, we cannot move forward. We must learn to place the things that will make a significant impact in our life first and not become distracted by the desires within your heart that is pleasing to us. Once you complete your assigned task for the day, then you can attend to your entertainment. When God gives you a vision, idea or plan, the enemy's job is to stop it. The enemy wants to get you off track by placing things in your thoughts that may seem pleasing to us. But it is up to you rather or not you will be defeated by those distractions or overcome those distractions.