Communication is one of the most vital elements in a marriage.  It's a fundamental principle of enhancing a healthy marriage.  Lack of communication can cause a strain on a marriage emotionally and physically.  When you verbally distance yourself from each other you fail to counsel each other weaknesses and strengths.  For example when you have a verbal disagreement, instead of collapsing the space of silence we tend to build a house of separation and dwell in it until someone demolishes the wall of pride and reconnects verbally with one another.  Without discussing the problem you put it in the crevices of your heart and bring it out when the same problem occurs again.


Communication also open up a relational therapy within the marriage.  In which help each other distinguish his or her strength and weakness with one another.


You cant identify his or her weakness if you only focus on the strength.  When you become as one you accept his or her weakness and imperfection.  So it's up to you to accept that imperfection and build a life around it


Generally, in the early stage of marriage, there is still a hidden weakness that is being enclosed behind the veil of insecurity. We are not willing to reveal our weakness because of fear of the exposure of an imperfect character. That's why it's so important to be open with one another to establish trust and to constitute a marriage built on truthful principles  So structure the foundation of your marriage on communication by identifying weaknesses and strengths.