Everyone wants to have and maintain a healthy relationship. In order to do that, here are a few tips that may help you conquer your healthy relationship. First you must always compliment each other weaknesses with your strength. You are not in a relationship to demoralize one another.Next you should build each other up by encouragement. You should avoid tearing each other down at all times. 

Communication is also very important. More communication helps build your relationship to grow. Communication allows you to trust each other more and allows you to understand one another better.  You should also be very mindful of who you allow to speak into your relationship. You should always look at the type of fruit others are producing within their own relationship before you allow them to speak into yours. 

Honoring God is a very important factor when trying  to conquer a healthy relationship.God is on control of all things, and as long as your relationship involves God in it, he'll guide you in conquering your healthy relationship.